Posted on: October 8, 2009 7:02 pm

Top 5 Current NFL Quaterbacks

Being a starting NFL quarterback pays off huge for you in the financhial aspect of life, however, it is a really tough job and when your not performing at a high level, you better be prepared to warm the bench, or be traded.

I narrowed the list of elite current quarterbacks in the NFL down to 5. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, and Eli Manning are the 5 quarterbacks that I personally think are the top 5 in the NFL. Tell me who you think is the best quarterback in the NFL, and i will count up the votes that each respective quarterback gets.

Peyton Manning- 3 MVPs, 1 Super Bowl Ring and a whole nuch of tremendous seasons has Manning in my top 5. Manning can make every throw, and his leadership and competitiveness make him an elite football player. Manning will have another great season in 2009, and I think he will win 1 or 2 more MVP awards before he retires.

Drew Brees-  Drew Brees is the ideal stat-stuffer quarterback. After leading the NFL in passing yards a season ago Brees deserves to be mentioned with the names of Manning and Brady. Brees is a gun slinger who doesn't have the tools that Manning and Brady have, however, he still puts up jaw-dropping numbers.

Tom Brady- Tom Brady isn't having the type of season he had in 2007, but people are forgetting that he is coming off a severe injury, and by week 6 you will see him playing like the "07" Brady. Brady is still an elite quarterback, because he still has the physical tools that he always had, its just he needs to get back into a comfort zone.

Phillip Rivers- Phillip Rivers had a huge season in 08 tying the NFL lead with touchdown passes, and leading the league in quarterback rating. He recently just signed a 6 year deal that will keep him in San Diego for several more years. He fits perfectly in that system over there. Rivers seems to play great in the California weather, and you will see another huge season out of him in 09. This guys will be an elite quarterback for years to come.

Eli Manning- Eli Manning always has been in the shadow of his older brother Peyton, however, after the past couple season Eli has shown us that he can play quarterback very well in the NFL. Eli is off to a huge start in 2009, and to be honest that is why I have him in my top 5 NFL quarterbacks. You can argue that Kurt Warner or Tony Romo, or Ben Roethlisberger belong in here, but I think Eli is going to be an MVP type QB for several years to come. He is in the consideration early for the 2009 NFL MVP and he deserves it. He has a higher passing than all 3 of those other great quarterbacks that I mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Eli Manning is a top 5 QB in my mind.

What do you think???

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Posted on: September 20, 2009 2:08 pm

Notre Dame football

After the first three weeks of college football, it is very clear what teams have stronger defenses than offenses or vice versus. However, Notre Dame falls into the category of a great offense with no defense. Jimmy Claussen who is 4th in the nation in passing yards is playing great at QB as well as Golden Tate at WR, Armando Allen at rb. and Kyle Rudolph at TE. The defense is holding this team down like a lead sinker. The ND defense can't stop anybody besides Nevada. Notre Dame would have a legitimate shot at a BCS bowl if the defense could stop the opposing team. I hope the ND defense can play better because if they don't Notre Dame will not play in a major bowl game this season.
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